Rp 647.500 Rp 925.000

The RASHADA TUNIC is crafted for comfort and style. It features a buttercream-colored material made of pollycotton, creating an ideal blend of breathability and durability. Its puffed sleeves and button-up detail provide a stylish look, and it is available in sizes S-XL for a perfect fit.

Size Guide
Lingkar Dada : 112/116/120/128 cm
Panjang Baju Depan : 96/96/96/96 cm
Panjang Baju Belakang : 96/96/96/96 cm
Lebar Leher : 16/16/16,8/16,8 cm
Lebar Pundak : 37/38/40/42 cm
Panjang Lengan : 55/56/57/58 cm
Lingkar Manset : 20/21/22/23,5 cm
Lebar Manset : 5/5/5/5 cm
Lingkar Kerung : 47/49/51/55 cm

1. Disarankan mencuci dengan tangan
2. Setrika dengan suhu rendah
3. Tidak disarankan menjemur dibawah matahari langsung

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