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RiaMiranda x Mang Moel

This RiaMiranda x Mang Moel sweat shirt offers an exclusive design that features a pleated back, logogram RiaMiranda, and a crewneckline for a loose fit. Perfect for anyone looking to join the freshest street trends, this sweatshirt is available in sizes S-M and L-XL.

Size Guide : S-M | L-XL

  • Lingkar Dada : 110cm | 120cm
  • Panjang Baju Depan : 67cm | 69cm
  • Panjang Baju Belakang : 81,7cm | 83,7cm
  • Panjang Lengan : 67cm | 69cm
  • Lingkar Kerung Lengan : 49,7cm | 54,2cm
  • Lebar Pundak : 47,5cm | 52,5cm
  • Lebar Manset : 6cm | 6cm

Height of Model 167 cm
Weight of Model 45 cm
Model wearing size S/M

Material : Soft Cotton Knit & Papery Crepe

1. Cuci menggunakan air temperatur sedang
2. Setrika dengan suhu sedang
3. Jangan menjemur di bawah sinar matahari langsung

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