Rp 358.000 Rp 895.000

The GEMMA TUNIC is an exquisite piece of clothing for any modern wardrobe. Crafted from Ceruti material, this batwing tunic offers a stylish silhouette and an all size fit up to XXL. Showcase a unique look with a beautiful watercolor print and bow on the sleeve - available in ash gray and violet.

Size Guide
Lingkar Dada : 100 cm
Panjang Baju : 100 cm
Panjang Lengan : 67 cm
Lingkar Manset : 24 cm
Lebar Pundak : 55 cm
Lingkar Kerung : 158 cm

1. Cuci menggunakan air temperatur sedang
2. Setrika dengan suhu sedang
3. Jangan menjemur di bawah sinar matahari langsung

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