Rp 525.000

RiaMiranda Cloverm

The ADALIRA TOP is perfect for any occasion. With a stylish striped pattern and a tie at the waist for a tailored fit, the shirt features an asymmetrical buttoned up detail and a custom cloverm logo embroidery. This versatile top is available in size S-M and L-XL, giving you the right fit for any style.

Size Guide : S/M | L/XL

  • Lingkar Dada : 110cm | 120cm
  • Panjang Baju Depan : 75cm | 75cm
  • Panjang Baju Belakang : 75cm | 75cm
  • Panjang Lengan : 67cm | 69cm
  • Lingkar Manset  : 21cm | 23cm
  • Lingkar Kerung Lengan : 49cm | 53 cm
  • Lebar Pundak : 49cm | 54cm
  • Lingkar Leher : 18cm | 19cm
Height of model
Weight of model 

Material : Soft Stripe

1. Tidak disarankan cuci di mesin cuci
2. Tidak disarankan setrika di suhu terlalu panas
3. Tidak disarankan jemur dibawah matahari langsung
4. Disarankan mencuci dengan tangan dan menggunakan pelembut pakaian

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