Rp 895.000

DIYARI MUKENA SET is the perfect combination of traditional and modern design with an ethnic printed prayer set featuring ruffle details. The prayer set is crafted with high-quality materials for maximum durability and comfort, allowing you to use it for years to come. The fabric is soft and lightweight, ensuring breathability and ease of wear. Make your prayers feel even more special with this elegant prayer set.

Size Guide:
Panjang kerudung depan : 120 cm
Panjang kerudung belakang : 132 cm
Lebar tali kerudung : 1 cm
Lingkar pinggang Rok : 70 cm
Panjang Rok : 113 cm

Tinggi Model : 176 cm

Material : Satin Silk

1. Tidak disarankan cuci di mesin cuci
2. Tidak disarankan setrika di suhu terlalu panas
3. Tidak disarankan jemur dibawah matahari langsung
4. Disarankan mencuci dengan tangan dan menggunakan pelembut pakaian

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