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Islam encouraged us to provide our body with not just halal but also healthy food, proper rest and workout, as these will give strength and energy to improve our Ibaadah and come closer to Allah. Here, we already listed 10 kinds of activities that will help you to become a better healthier muslimah:


1. Get a decent sleep


Prophet SAW used to go to bed right after Isya and used to wake up before Fajr. By following this sunnah of going to bed early will allow you to wake up for Fajr with a fresh mind. If you are staying up late at night, chances are you will miss Fajr prayer or you are not able to concentrate at all.

With this condition, you throw away a golden opportunity to have a decent personal time with Allah SWT. To help you get a decent sleep, try to dim the lights and turn off all your devices, such as: smartphones, notebook, at least one hour before getting to bed. Moreover, try to keep a consistent sleep wake schedule even during weekend to avoid you from a disastrous Monday


       2. Make a healthy quick breakfast


Do not ever think to skip breakfast, especially if you are in a weight-loss battle. Skipping breakfast leads to over-snacking, as you will feel hungry before lunchtime. Preparing breakfast does not always take your time; choose a very simple menu like oatmeal, scrambled eggs or banana!


      3. Eat consciously


Eating unconsciously will lead you to eating up more than you need. Munching while watching TV or preparing office documents sounds an effective method for saving time but, unfortunately, is a bad habit. Your mind is busy with something else and will not transfer the right signal to your body, which makes you forget that you have consumed the right portion. 

 Do properly chewing your food as it will be easier for your digestive system to utilize the nutrients and, what`s more important, it also prevent you from over-eating. 


      4. Plan your meals ahead & Stock up 


To help you developing a good eating habit, plan the meal a week before (or a night before is OK) surely helps you to eat better and spent wiser. If you have plenty times packing your own lunch, decorate it with colorful vegetable and fruits will boost your appetite too. Just be cautious not to put instant chicken nugget and French fries everyday into your lunch box ^^

It`s maybe easy for us to consistently add salad on our daily menu but to avoid sweets and chips between meals is the real deal. Stocking up healthy snacks, like: non-salted nuts, cut vegetables and fruits on your refrigerator or office desk to refrain yourself from buying high-sodium fatty snacks.  









5. Eating the rainbow


Remember that foods with bright colors are more than just beautiful, they also full of vitamins and minerals. These beauties are placed at the very front side of the mart, so don`t forget to put some before you dash to the snack aisle! If you love to eat colorful canned/ bottle juices try to substitute it with a healthier choice like eating whole fruits or drink only the fresh one. 


6. Moderation


Muslim is advised to avoid extremes and to choose a moderate course in all of his affairs, including their eating habits. Pursuing healthy life style does not mean you need to cut out all the sweet treats. You can enjoy your favorite chocolate once in a while; just remember to limit the calorie intake. 

Most of the times, Healthy lifestyle are related to investing more money for buying organic super food, but in reality that`s not the case. Balancing your diet with traditional highly nutritional foods, such as tofu and Tempe is a great and low-cost option too.











Its okay to eat your comfort food once in a while; Designed by jigsawstocker / Freepik


7. Keep Hydrated


To stay focused and alert you need to drink plenty of water, and to remind you on how much you`re drinking, put a big bottle of drink on your desk or near your sight. 

Drinking a lot of water also widely known as one of weight loss strategies since it makes you feel full and control your crave for higher calorie beverage. An adequate intake of water a day is about 2 liter or at least 8 glasses. 


8. Use Sun Protection


Sun (UVA) exposure can cause early ageing of the skin and skin cancer. Sunburn, tanning or freckles appearing on the skin are the sign of sun damage, which need further protection. Stay protected is not only important during the heat, but also on cloudy days. There`s no sunscreen that are expected to stay effective longer than two hours without reapplication, so if you are prone to sunburn it`s better to re-apply it several times. 


9. Workout


Do not delay your workout plan because you will find more excuses to put it off. It`s better to start your workout on the very early day before you got distracted by household chores. 

Have a weekly or monthly target will help you to create a personal exercise program, for example mountain hiking with children and 10 minutes jogging every morning. It`s struggling for a mother to a find a decent time for working out. As it wasn`t always possible, try to involve children in your activity and how about a short-course jogging?


10. Read the label

Do not buy snacks or foods because of its “low-carb” “low-fat” claim as we`re not sure on what they add in addition to carb (sugar maybe?).  In addition, try to see the back side and read carefully what`s written on the column.

There`s usually two column of nutritional details, one explains the whole package`s nutritional detail and one is per serving. Unfortunately, some companies provide unclear information by giving only the first information and the total gram contained. So we need to be extra careful to count the calories. 



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