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Home decoration can be a source of energy, amenity, and tranquility.

Rayya Home has launched furniture goods with a touch of Ria Miranda’s signature style. This collaboration brings a unique, stylish, and eco-friendly’s furniture.

Rayyahome creations of hand-tufted custom carpet made from colorful acrylic yarns. The products slowly began to attract the public interest and the demand increased. Around the middle of 2016, Rayyahome began to expand its collection by diversifying carpet products in a new collection of imitation fur and natural fiber materials from hyacinth fiber, seagrass fiber, banana fiber and sisal fiber. Adding those natural fibers with mendong fiber and plastic strap material, then made it into various forms of storage baskets and vegetation containers for home decoration.

 Started from the concept of a chic corner, Rayyahome trying to meet the needs of the urban community when setting the corner of their home. After rugs and baskets received a warm welcome, Rayyahome then completes the collection through the presence of single chair made from rattan (bluma chair) and also the pedestal in the form of knitting pouf so that it can be a unity of complementary space order. Rayyahome produce superior products because it has the quality, appearance, and good than another similar carpet available on the market.

Ria Miranda is known for its natural-inspired design. Ria Miranda Living X Rayya Home is working together to find products for the home that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Made from original locally sourced, natural materials, the product range includes eco-friendly decorative baskets, chairs, cushions, seagrass, tables, and more. Each of these products confirms how biodegradable natural materials can be easily converted into an attractive design with a trendy traditional appeal. And of course, Ria Miranda's touch can be seen from the dominance of natural and pastel colors to make it more exciting.

Ria Miranda X Rayya Home provides two types of baskets, Binar Basket and Banana Basket. This Binar Basket can be folded, 36 cm in diameter with a height of 38 cm. Binar Baskets are now in three new colors: in silver plated, in gold plated, and in white dipped. The price for this product is Rp170.000. While banana basket in size L with diameter 38 and height 50 cm. You can have this product for Rp150.000. These baskets can be used as potted plants. Freshened your spaces, bring color and rich textures to your cozy homes!

Seagrass also has two types, mini seagrass and long seagrass. Mini seagrass is 15 cm in diameter and 12 cm in height. The price for Mini grass is Rp40.000. Long seagrass has size 15x15x40 cm for Rp90.000. You can use these seagrasses as a pot holder, jar mat, or other uses.

Another products from Rayya Home are Bluma Chair, Bluma Table, and Mini Pouf. Bluma Chair shows the touch of Ria Miranda's hand with a flower-like shape. Priced at Rp1.950.000, this beautiful chair measures 90x69x110 cm. You can pair Bluma Chair with Bluma table. This round-shaped seat is uniquely designed. The price is Rp750.000. To complete the decoration, you must have a round mini pouf with a diameter of 35 cm and a height of 15 cm. Mini pouf is a pouf crocheted seat and decorative pillows and it has a wide selection of pastel colors so that it added a bright to your home. The price is Rp195.000.

Do you want your home to be chic and eco-friendly? Add an accent from Ria Miranda Living X Rayya Home! Find these products while shopping your beautiful apparels at Ria Miranda’s Bintaro Store




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