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Dress and hijab from the "Principia" collection immediately became hits when it just has launched. The Riamiranda’s collection of spring / summer 2017 is being invaded by hijabi fashion lovers. They’re obsess! The combination of a firm feminine cut and a combination of natural colors makes this collection beautiful and of course, very fashionable!

Principia is about gravity, designed for cool, confident and tough ladies, inspired by one of Sir Isaac Newton's books "Philosophiae Naturalis & Principia Mathematica explains about gravity. Through Principia, Riamiranda wants to give messages that we as human must pay attention to the condition of the earth. This collections also shows two ways of relation between man and earth.

The cuts in the Principia clearly represent women as a formidable and elegant figure, women can become an influencers-which can affect their social environment. The inspiring colors are from Lake Kelimutu in East Nusa Tenggara and combined with earth tones such as blue sky, navy blue, maroon, soft chocolate also with young pink, peach, and yellow mustard.

Best seller

Ria Miranda takes over the world of online sales with this collection. The best seller dress in this Principia collection is Despina Top gray and salmon. This dress is made from marimal and get the most viewers at with 8383 viewers. There is also Alya Tunic with 7345 viewers. Alya Tunic was made from Beslon material and has choice of colors like gray, baby pink, and tosca. While the Aludra dress gets 4435 Viewers, made from Jacqueline material with three color choices: tosca, olive, and lime.

Customer Review:

Ainun Khaerani, IG ID ainunkhaerani

"Overall I like the despina top is because the color is very beautiful, pastel and very feminine. In terms of materials are also nice to wear because its not hot to wear, the loose cutting is also good because it can be used by all types of body from small to large and can be styling back and forth as well. "

Nidya Kartika Yolanda

Liked this with Despina because it can be used back and forth and breastfeeding friendly. There is  layers it in the back so it’s not forming the women’s body. Certainly, Ria Miranda’s design is always a champion because it is very comfortable and the pattern is always unique.

Honestly, who does not like the collection of Pricinpia? We all love it!

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