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We all want to be fashionable at work, but adding tons of style for 5 days a week is utterly exhausting. Here, we sought out some beneficial tips for Muslimah to look stunning yet modest at work without trying too hard:



1) Wearing A Great Blazer 


Blazer in the basic color (black, gray deep blue or beige) of your choice is a staple in every workingwoman`s wardrobe. Blazer is so versatile, It makes any outfit looks polished, even if it just a white t-shirt. The best-fit blazer is the one that does not pull and forms an X when buttoned. 



2) Having A Good Pair of Shoes 


Shoes are women`s best friend, they are there beside you through thick and thin. They endure the packed bus, the ten-hour workday and even occasional after-work events. If your commute is far, do consider using flat shoes for work. Choose something that not easily gets worn out. If you love bold, you can use printed flat shoes or menswear-inspired shoes, such as oxford or loafer. 

Flats work with (almost) every outfit and can be used as a quick relief from heels.  Heels, of course, are your investment too. It does not fall into the trends of the season and will last forever, but for health reason, make sure that your heels is no longer that 5 inches. 



3) Morning rush? Pick your most Comfy-excellent drapery Plain Hijab 


What are you going to do if you have tons of scarf option hanging in your wardrobe but only have limited time of preparation? Pick the one with excellent drapery, like poly viscose or crepe fabric, so you won`t need much hijab pins. As an alternative, you can pick your favorite formal one slip hijab that does not look too instant. It`s also wise to keep in some cotton hijab, be it the patterned or plain one. It`s almost wrinkle free, and will flatter your face shape.


4) Investing in Basic Color Blouse 


Invest in a some basic colors blouse; it can look great in any women without really trying. People usually pair it with maxi skirt or loose trouser to give classic vibe. You can choose patterned scarf to elevate the whole look, either vivid color or subtle one is gorgeous. 


5) Liven up 9 to 5 basics with a Patterned or printed Scarf 


Don`t go overboard with print mixing, if you want to wear a bold piece like printed scarf, balanced it with a subtle color top. 

Choose the printed scarf that easy to fold and does not require much re-adjustment.

Make sure that you wear scarf with adequate fabric density or not too thick to avoid looking puzzled during meeting because you could not hear the whole conversation.



6) Blazer Alternative: Long Vest 


Long Vest, which has been trend over the past seasons, is an element that can transform your clothes into multiple outfits. Wear simple white shirt underneath and paired with culottes would make you look smart and classy. 

Long vest is an alternative to blazer, so if you feel like you have nothing to wear and need to give a business presentation, this piece will gives a perfect amount of elegance. 



7) Say hi to Culottes!


Culottes Pants are our wardrobe heroes since it makes a flattering silhouette. This item works on many shapes and size, so ladies with gifted size, no need to worry!

Wear this if you pretty much do travelling while works since it`s really comfy and suit for formal meeting too. For petite woman, go with high-waist style culottes to balance the proportion. Pairing it with a heels or wedge shoes would be fantastic, as it will elongate legs and emphasize the ankle. 




8) Wear an impressive bag that cater your need


It`s necessary to choose office bag that cater your commuting style and fit your personality. If you love to put everything into your bag from notebook, books to hijab pin, go for a bag with infinite compartments like tote bag. To give minimalist classic look, use the soft leather one! 

A structured black shoulder bag is the safest choice to look polished at work, but if you opt to go hands-free, leather and suede backpack is also wonderful to wear. 


9) How about maxi skirt?


Maxi skirt is so flattering and pretty much gives casual vibe. It`s not solely made for weekend, but for office too if you pair it with a suitable top. 

Pick a maxi skirt with clean cutting and boost your power outfit by wearing a pump heels.  If you`re going to have a meeting, adding a blazer surely elevate your professional look. 












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