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When I had the opportunity to work with Ria Miranda, and when I found out the big theme of this visual collaboration was about the vertical relationship between man and God, the first word that was drawn at that time was about prayer.

In my opinion, the easiest way to communicate with God is through prayer. A prayer is a form of demand and expression of gratitude to God Almighty and a form of hope for every human being. In my personal opinion, prayer is an order of words that contains hope for good for us or our loved ones. Not only that, it is a collection of poetic words which is a form of abstraction from a form of beauty, which cannot be described with the eyes, slowly it can be felt as a nutrition of the soul that gives warmth in the heart.

When we are talking about beauty, I always have a personal interest in flowers. I think flowers are a symbol of love and beauty. My father told me that the meaning of my name Cempaka Surakusumah is Cempaka the king of flowers. The name is a prayer, so that is why I often feel related to the flower. Florete itself has the meaning of "little flower". I think Florette and prayer have something in common that there is a similar concept in how they turned into a beauty. Starting with something small then it grows and become something impactful.

The beauty of this collaboration is displayed in a different form, which is a combination of the typical design of Cempaka with the inspiration of the flower that is interpreted in geometric shapes and combined with Ria Miranda's iconic pattern. The use of cheerful colors, colorful and combined with Ria Miranda's pastel colors make the 60s teen style more modern in today's fashion.


Cempaka Surakusumah - Graphic Designer/ Owner & Creative Pola Artistry

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