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Dressing with style is not just a ensamble of fashion and confidence. Ria Miranda also showed it with passion and statement.

Ria Miranda's debut at Fashion CODE Fall / Winter 2017 was recorded as the first Muslim fashion designer to present a full hijab fashion show in one of the Asia’s fashion capital. She was elected to represent Indonesian designers given by bilateral cooperation of Jakarta Fashion Week and The Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) program for this international fashion arena.

Fashion CODE is an annual fashion show event organized by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA). This year, CODE Fashion Fall / Winter 2017 is located at Prugio Valley, Seoul, South Korea, on March 28-30th 2017.

Out of the Comfort Zone

Success with femininecut in pastel colors, Ria Miranda is now playing out her trademark. There are pieces from her new collection and evolution of color that we've never seen from her previous collections. Created with passion, the latest collection of Ria Miranda’s ready-to-wear demonstrated by South Korean models—it caught the eye of many.

The models wearing a collection that inspired by a style of women after World War 2. Colors, patterns, and clothing in that era was more masculine because of various limitations. Silhouettes can be seen from the coat, outwear, and over size pants that makes the firm impression. However, there is softness and romanticness that we can feel—as the hijab style with ribbon accent and romantic ruffles.

Romantic ruffle or stacked layer—which is the current trend—adding the volume of clothes and a touch of firm character. " The message that I want to convey through this collection is, as a women, we have a graceful character but we have to be firm and independent in the act," said Ria.

Details of this collection is also inspired by nature. Ria used  a flower motif called Achillea millefolium, combined with Batik Kawung. She wants to introduce Batik Kawung as one of Indonesian herritage. Thus, the collection presents modern look but still with local content. "We should be proud to be an Indonesian designer," she added.

Batik Kawung inspired by the fruit from palm trees that have many philosophy from top to root which very beneficial to human life. This implies that humans are useful for others. The major theme for Riamiranda’s 2017 collection is about relationship.

The most significant differences for Riamiranda Signature collection is seen in the selection of the color palette. There is a color evolution inspired by army colors such as terracotta, army, brown with soft tones. Inspite of out of her comfort zone, the colors was successful-fit the theme of the Fall / Winter in Korea which make a romantic impression.



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